CJR 7 – one day – one pitch – tourney

The last weekend in August 2021 we hold CJR 7 after we had to cancel it in 2020. What can I say – the spirit was there. Looking back, having this tourney was more important then the question if it was one day or two days. The schedule changed a bit. We started with games, had the opening ceremony at 9 so people who came from a farther distance had the opportunity to join it. We gave the first pitch to William Childs. Will was one of the founders of the tourney, he was there when we started it. He went back to the US after some years, but is currently stationed in the Netherlands. Of course he would throw the first pitch – and he threw a perfect one.

We continued games and had our auction at lunch break. We auctioned off three bats, a helmet, a boom box, a set of CJR cornhole bags, a CJR lighthouse, the last CJR jersey and a handmade painting. In less then an hour, we raised about 2400.-€. People are so generous – it made us laugh, it made us cry.

At the end of the day, we had our Todd Lee honorary Homerun Derby and raised more than 600.-€. We will use the money to send people from our community to become Mental Health First Aid Responders (german site).

Preparing the tourney. Preseting Ciarras and Martinas jerseys is an important part.
Dusty talking to Will, who threw the first pitch.
This years cause

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