New Charity we support in Germany

IMG_1081I am happy to be able to add the link for to our website.  This wonderful organization has helped TIna and I survive the last year.  AGUS is German Organization, solely private funded, that supports the survivors of Suicide.  We have been blessed to be able to find this organization.  We have been in group therapy with other parents that have lost their children to Suicide.  We live here and we want to support here as well.  Now we can give back as well!

We had no idea that these groups existed, or that there was a need for it, one year ago.  Being able to sit and discuss feelings with other parents that have, and are, going through what we are has been a huge help for us.

We also wanted to find a German charity that we can help to represent.  We will still be supporting the Hira project that was so very important to Ciarra.  We will also be supporting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  It was important for TIna to also find a local German charity to be involved with.

Through the love and support of so many we have been successful in helping many through are tragedy.  We will not stop trying to bring the epidemic of Suicide to the public.  Through all of you we will succeed.  God Bless you all!


About Dusty

I am the father of Ciarra Joi "CJ" Rhodes. I am the man blessed to have 13 and a half years with my beautiful daughter. I am also the survivor of her teenage suicide. I miss her every minute of every day! I hope this site will keep her memory alive and maybe help others.

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