Videos of the CJR 7 – Auction

Our good friend Angi recorded this memorable auction. It is fun to rewatch it, as well as it makes me cry to see it, bc we have so many amazing people in our softball community:

Part 1 – legendary auction for a bat. Pell, who was the highest bidder, was the person who also donated another bat. This left Dusty speechless.

Part 2 – in this video you will see Tony step up trying to get the jersey.. He flied in from the US to be part of the tourney. Thank you Tony for this huge gesture. We love you for this.

Part 3 – also legendary, when you start with 50€ for a boom box and the first bid is 300. The reason: “It is for you daughter!”

Part 4 – auctioning off the Lighthouse. You will see Toby and Missy battling for that Lighthouse. In the end, Missy was the highest bidder – but gave the Lighthourse to Toby as a present.

Part 5 – last item, another bat …

Thank you Angi from the bottom of my heart for capturing those moments. Thank you to everybody who was willing to put out a lot of money. You are heros and you safe lives!

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