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President Rushes Aid To Tsunami Survivors

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Despite recent media reports that President Bush was doing too little to ease the suffering of the tsunami survivors, Faux Newz has uncovered strong proof to the contrary.
Sources have faxed to us copies of the Presidential Visa statement, clearly showing that within a mere 10 hours, relief was speeding it's way East at the President's order. The day after the dreaded event, the President's advisors woke him up at 12 PM—a full 2 hours before his normal rousing—and upon hearing the news, Mr. Bush ordered both a Pick-Me-Up Bouquet and a fruit basket sent "TO: People over by Iraq that got hit by that big wave."
This clearly shows that, not only was the President's reaction speed well beyond reproach, but also the size of his gift was well beyond that reported by the liberal pinko bastards in the media.

WhenThe Going Gets Tough,
The Tough Send A Pick-Me-Up Bouquet
Written by Faux-Newz Staff Writer

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