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Taiwanese Butchers’ Market Human Meat

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Animal rights activists worldwide heralded last week’s decision by the Taiwanese government to ban the use of dog meat in food. However, this decision has some people worried that restaurants and meat processing plants will turn to other sources for the meat they need to fill their customers’ plates.
Early this week, these morbid predictions came to horrifying reality when authorities came across a new section in Taiwanese butchers’ markets: human meat.
So far, nobody has been arrested, as all of the meat seems to be coming from willing participants and many people seem to be interested in buying the new product. In fact, sales have been booming since the introduction of human meat.

Well,” explains Kai Pan Woo, a Taiwanese butcher, “we saw the success of ManBeef.com and decided it was time to bring this wonderful product to our people.

Man Meat
Most Families Are Happy To
Receive A Cut Of The Proceeds

“ Besides, we have people sign their bodies over to us, and most of their families are happy to receive a cut of the proceeds. It’s win-win.”
Authorities have refused to comment on the situation. Faux-Newz will update you as it develops.

Written by Faux-Newz Staff Writer

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