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New Bush Campaign Ads Focus On Reelection, Godliness

The 2004 Bush Campaign announced today a few commercials aimed at securing a comfortable road into reelection. 
The first involves President Bush ensuring the American public of his economic prowess.  It starts off showing scenes of prominence in America; The Alaskan wilderness, an offshore drilling tanker, big industry.  The commercial cuts to President Bush standing in the middle of Iraq surrounded by troops and a sign posted behind him saying, “Bush 2004, brought to you by BOE”.  President Bush speaks, “We did it.  And we will continue to do it one country at a time.”  The narrator continues, “This commercial is brought to you by the GREAT people of BOE (Bush Oil Enterprises).   And, yes Mr. President we did it!” 

“Bush 2004, brought to you by BOE”

The second shows President Bush standing in front of the Joint Chiefs of Staff simulating a press conference. Bush opens, “I am here today to finally close any concerns regarding new jobs and employment in this nation.  Aside from my father the Great George Bush senior, I have provided more job opportunities than any other president in the past 30 years or so.  This message is just not reaching the people and it is why I am here today.  If you are like most citizens and want challenge, advancement, and flexibility, then you can find a promising career within our armed services.  There are positions opening daily.  Catch the six O’clock news to find the latest opportunities.  Thank you and God Bless America.” The commercial then cuts over to “Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines” 
The third shows President Bush wearing a cowboy hat, jeans, and a heavy coat sitting atop a horse puffing on a cigarette. He trots across the open land with a keen look in his eye.  The horse slows down and the camera closes.  Bush leans forward and states, “Come to Bush Country”.  He rides off across the freshly laid snow. 

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