More Than Ever Before.
By thamike.com
Creu's Crisis Center

You worthless pieces of shit

This goes out to all you dumb fuckers who like to criticize. I have over the last year heard from many of you assholes that this site among others sucks. Have shitty stories that aren’t funny. That Thamike has Dennis Miller wannabes and subject content is shitty.

You all can suck my dick. Go get a fucking grip on reality. It is a fact; those that criticize are those that can’t do it them selves. I have yet to receive or see anything relevant from you fucktards . But you have no problem telling others and myself how bad the rest of the world is.

If you are so much a critic on these subjects how come you have no supporting stories or statements to support why you are better then everyone else?

Maybe because you suck. Maybe because you can’t do any better? If you could why is it you don’t show the world you skills and post something of importance and filled with great material matter on ThaMike.com. Why don’t you submit a story to Faux-Newz?

Is it because it is much easier for a fat ass-fucking slob like yourself to sit back and scream about it? Or maybe your fat slob like fingers can’t even type other then “suck, dick, you assholes, ect.ect.ect”

I am still waiting for these great stories and post about shit you find relevant.. Which I feel I will be waiting for forever.

Those that have criticized in the past at least could back it up with substance. Now a days it is all lazy PC fags. Who get off on complaining about anything they can. Put up or shut your dicksucking mouths.

Point is this isn’t a Crisis by any means. It is just a worthless bunch of people who get off on chastising others. Why not show me you can do better? Or show me what you feel is good. Why not? Because you obviously cannot.

Get over yourselves. You are a dieing breed of scumbags. It is just a shame you don’t die soon enough, and let the rest of us enjoy the dumb fucked out things in life.

Hey don’t worry I’ll complain about how dumb and boring your funeral is, then I’ll piss on your casket and walk out a happy fulfilled man.

Suck A Fuck,

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