More Than Ever Before.
By thamike.com
Creu's Crisis Center

Please give me something to watch for once

Daytime television has become a horrible thing. Everything royally sucks and is geared to fat, obnoxious, trashy people. These are the same lowlife motherfuckers who have nothing better to do then to try and tell me what I m doing wrong in life because Montell or sally told them so.

On top of everything else that already is bad about these shows we come down to a fat whore bitch named Ricky Lake. This wanna be black bitch needs to be fucking shown the doorway to the studio. With her black slang and accent. Let her spend a night in any one of Americas shit holes. I absolutely hate this fat pig. She does nothing of entertainment whatsoever.

She is a rotten sore of puss that is on the American soil. Fat bimbo. You suck. Your white trash and ghetto viewers suck. And all of you should be pooped like the zits on mankind you really are.


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