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Bush In Stable Condition After Shooting Self In Foot

WASHINGTON D.C. - President George W. Bush is in stable condition after an apparent mishap while playing with a loaded pistol in the Oval Office.

The pistol, a Colt .45 that once belonged to deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, went off as the president was showing off the weapon to a Secret Service officer. The weapon had been given to him as a “trophy” by military officials after Saddam’s capture in a “spider-hole” in Iraq.

“He was doing this Clint Eastwood thing,” said the officer, who wished to remain anonymous. “He was doing the face. You know, the classic Eastwood scowl. He tried to twirl the gun like an outlaw from the Wild West when the weapon discharged and grazed his foot. He’s lucky to still have his toes.”

Bush, known for his wry self-deprecating sense of humor is rumored to have looked up at the officer and saying, “I never thought I would do that literally.”

Requests for an interview have gone unanswered by the White House, but an aide has reassured that the “president’s doing just fine.”

Written by Faux-Newz Staff Writer
Russell Paika

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