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Saddam Pleads His Case

IRAQ - The former president of Iraq, Saddam Hussein was charged with numerous counts of genocide, murder, and crimes against humanity in a court ruled by Iraq’s new interim government on Thursday.

Hussein was smug and sometimes apprehensive during the proceedings, which lasted about 26 minutes.

“Please refer to me as Mr. President,” he snapped at the judge at one point, stabbing a jagged, malnourished finger into the air. His lawyer, Johnny Cochran, was able to settle him down enough for the judge to read him his charges and ask how he will plead.

“Mr. Hussein, you are charged with the willful gassing of tens of thousands of Kurds in 1989. How do you plead?” The judge asked.

“Self defense, your honor,” Mr. Cochran replied, cutting off Hussein.

"Please refer to me as Mr. President"

“On the charge of authorizing the execution of several political rivals over the past 30 years, how do you plead?” Cochran rushed to stifle the defendant again, but was too late.

“I was drunk at the time,” the deposed dictator interjected. “They had it coming, dressed like that.”

“On the charge of unlawfully invading Kuwait in 1990,” the judge continued, “How do you plead?”

Despite Cochran’s attempts to keep his defendant silent, Hussein lashed out again. “Which Kuwait?” he asked. “The Iraqi one or the Kuwaiti one?”

Hussein was defiant throughout the entire proceeding often calling on witnesses who weren’t present. He had to be reminded repeatedly that he was in a preliminary hearing and not currently standing trial.

When asked about his involvement with the unlawful attack on Iran, he blustered about Bebe Rebozo and slumped down in his chair, resigning himself to mumbling inaudibly and biting his nails, throughout the rest of the hearing.

Johnny Cochran stood and said, “Your Honor, the defendant pleads not guilty on all counts.”

Written by Faux-Newz Staff Writer
Russell Paika

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